Mistakes to avoid while decorating


Any space can be turned attractive putting together the resources available, personal taste and style. Not all decorative tips can suit your space. There certain things that you should stay away. It is important to learn about the trends before starting with decorating your space. It is common to include top things that can later create a disastrous recipe. First, make a list of what should not be done while decorating your home.


Always choose furniture that meets your space requirements. Over sized or small sized furniture can turn your space clumsy and cramped. Measure the room before buying furniture. First, decide where the furniture will be placed. Plan your arrangement before selecting the pieces.

Heavy prints

While selecting furnishing for your rooms, it is not advised to choose fabric just because you like it. The color scheme and pattern to go well with the furniture and the theme of the room.

Floor mats

A carpet can add grace to space and can connect the objects in the room. While laying a carpet choose the right color and pattern. Tuck the corners of the carpet under sofas, tables and other units to give a neat appearance.

Moving furniture to the wall

Many feel that leaving the floor space in the middle open can make your room look big. But on the contrary, adding pieces to the middle of the room can give a cozy and attractive appeal when compared to emptiness.

Arranging collectables

Displaying all the collectibles from your travel can clutter the place. Ensure you pick only a few and start arranging in the space to make it attractive.

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