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Function Kitchen And Bathroom Tips


In home improvement cleanliness is not related to dirt, dust and germs but it about creating clean and workable space. In the kitchen choose simple and flat cabinets instead of decorated and complicated ones. Go broad as it can be simple and fresh. Do not go for carved designs in the kitchen. Give a splash of color to your kitchen. A simple black and white can make your kitchen look boring. Black can reveal scratches and white can lead to grease and dirt exposures. If you are still crazy after the wood finish, you can go for a dark wood finish. If you have the resources, you can opt for mahogany or teak finish.

Electrical appliances are making their way into your kitchen, refrigerator, blender, electric cook tops, food processor; etc. needs a place in your kitchen. These have to be energy efficient and star rated. Baby boomers do not want to leave their homes and are remodeling their homes to meet the requirements of modern standards. Toilet roll holders or no-threshold shower then the home improvement contractor can handle one for you depending on your style, convenience and budget. When trying to decide on which appliance to buy, like blenders, be sure to read up on the top blenders on the market. Many people please that the Vitamix 750 Pro is one of the best. 

Accessibility is a major concern as we age. Homes have to be designed keeping in mind the accessibility needs of elders at home. Planning a home for all ages is important. Remodel you home when you are in the best of health but consider the challenges you will face as you grow older.

Function Kitchen

Natural lighting can be maximized in the kitchen and bathroom enhances the appeal of the home and cut on energy bills. Moreover, a well-ventilated home can give a psychological boost. Natural lighting is vital for people who are confined to the four walls of the house. During a home remodeling adds a window or skylight for ventilation. You can also add a daylighting system that captures sunlight during the day at the rooftop and sends it to the interior space.

Multiple showers can be used in the bathroom for flexibility. Rain showers are popular, and you can place them in the center to enhance the appeal of your bathroom. Traditional showers can be placed at the end. The handheld shower can be placed near the seat with an exclusive valve control at the seated position. This can give flexibility to people in the house who make use of a shower that is convenient for them.

A curbless shower is the most flexible for people with mobility issues. It can prevent water from getting to the floor. There are three options in a roll in shower. The shower area should be large to create a stepwise indentation leading to the drain. The floor of the bathroom can be raised in other areas. Now install a drop in the shower. For convenience, you can space out other items like cabinets and toilets far away.

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Planning A Remodel

The Meaning And Significance Of Universal Design Features

Design Features

In simple terms, universal design can be termed as ageless design. It can turn your home functional and safe for your family. It is not restricted to elderly people or disabled with limited mobility but for everyone in the family. Architects and interior designers add universal design as a regular feature for every household they create. It has turned out to be part of universal design. To add universal design, there is no need for you to be a professional designer. A few upgrades can turn your home into a well kept universal design home. There are many resources available to make a beginning.

Some of the easy to follow universal design features include:

Lever styled handles instead of switch out knobs for doors

Door knobs are old fashioned and need a lot of work from your hands and torque to push it open. On the contrary, levers are easy to operate at the press of a button. Family members suffering from arthritis can find levers easier to operate. Moreover in an emergency situation or with kids around the level is the best way to offer a quick exit. Lever is the foolproof option to exit from a room. To add to this levers are aesthetically designed to meet the taste of the homeowner. Moreover, maintenance of lever is easier when compared to knobs.

Rocker switches to toggle lights


Rocker switches have a plate surface that can be operated by any part of your hand. It is easier to turn it on even with a hand full of groceries. It is sleek looking and are elegantly designed. Conventional toggle light switches can turn dirty easily with deposits of grime over a few years.

Anti-scald for safe temperatures

When the water in the shower turns too hot, the anti-scald shower can turn it into a trickle. It can be placed instead of the faucet aerator and reduces hot water flow. Anti-scald valves are also known for pressure balancing valves. The changes in the water pressure can be restricted using these valves thereby preventing sudden bursts due to a sudden change in water temperature.

Plug in sensor lights

It can give you the facility to add a light when you need it. It comes in varied styles and technologies. It can be stuck into any receptacles, and your lamps can be plugged into it. When the motion is detected by the sensor, the light is turned on.

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