Planning A Remodel

Exciting And Innovative Green Remodeling Tips


Green remodeling can turn your abode into an eco-friendly ensuring a saving in all aspects. There are prefabricated rooms made of superior quality materials. The models are readily available and are affordable. Floors can be reclaimed using durable, flexible and reclaimed wood. This means that no fresh trees to create new floors. Flooring is not just restricted to the reclaimed wood but also the use of formaldehyde-free adhesives and VOCs. The price of  reclaimed wood can vary from the wood source and the effort taken to transform the previously used wood into flooring. Check the label before you invest in reclaimed wood.

Capture the passive energy of the sun through concrete flooring and thickened interior walls of plaster or brick. This can save sun’s energy and release at night. Temperature fluctuations are stabilized in the room making it comfortable even when the fire goes off. You can also use insulation instead of passive solar design. Black colored roofs absorb more heat when compared to lighter ones. Color changing tiles are used on the roof to control the indoor temperature based on the outdoor temperature. Themeleon tiles can reflect 80% of the sunlight reducing cooling cost when compared to black roofing.

Terrazzo made of recycled glass chips set in concrete slabs turning your counter top green. It is highly durable and comes with endless options for color. The glass is made from recycled bottles, windshields, etc. making it a greener option. It is tough enough to handle a hot pot and is easy to clean. Rainwater runs away all the pollutant including fertilizers and salt into the storm drain. To avoid this, arrange plants shallowly to absorb the rainwater. This cuts down on erosion and prevents flooding apart from improving the water quality. Rainwater gardens are available using native plants.

Fireplaces are messy and produce pollutants that can lead to respiratory disorders. Eco-friendly vent gas fireplaces are replacing wood fireplaces. Direct vent uses air for combustion and converts most of the fuel into heat. Moreover, there is no need for a chimney in this case.Ut can be vented in both vertical and horizontal position.