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Best results with patio tiles

Best results with patio tiles

A clean tile gives a welcome appeal. Patio tiles have to be regularly maintained to enhance the lifespan of the tiles. When it comes to patio tiles regular cleaning is necessary that can cut down expensive relaying cost in the future. Some of the tips to promote effective cleaning of the tiles includes:

Using the right cleaning tools

For best results use the best of the tool. The tools used to clean the tiles have to be in sync with the flooring type. Using the right broom with the right stiffness can prove beneficial to yield the best results. The broom is different for natural stone flooring and a tile floor. The soft scrubber can be used to clean the patio tiles.

Green cleaning agents

It is best to use eco-friendly cleaning agents to prevent residue formation. Moreover, it is safe in your hands. The cleaning agents should be free of acid and alkaline. It is best to opt for neutral pH base. Using acid can emit toxic fumes and can leave you with more cleaning work.

Cleaning natural stone

Natural stone flooring has to be cleaned differently from bathroom or patio tiles. It is important to clean frequently the floor using water based detergent and wet vacuum. Natural stones are allergic to acidic and alkaline solutions. Consider baking soda or juice from an orange. These have less pH value. While orange has 3.0 pH value, baking soda has 9.0.

Tile and grout cleaning

This is the most challenging task. Cleaning tiles and grout lines can be time-consuming and tiring with hand. Forget about knee bending tile and grout cleaning and engage a professional cleaning company in promoting a dirt and stain free home. Grout lines are tough to clean as they are porous. It easily collects dirt and grime leading to discoloration. Mob the bathroom floor regularly. But this alone does not remove the dirt and stain. For best results first, sweep the floor and then vacuum. Finally, mop the floor. All the dirt and dust will be removed. Then rinse the surface. Never use harsh chemical cleaners it will damage the grout line. Rinse the tiles before finally washing it over.